Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mad for V&M

How sweet it is to be included among the Interior Design inSIDERS AT V&M.COM! We certainly shop here often enough to know its products well. The hard part? Narrowing our 'best picks' to 5. Here are the ones that made it on page, along with the runners up. And hurry...one already sold!

clockwise from top left: Crystal tri-band chandelier from Bibi Antiques and Lighting, Large industrial clock from Donovan,  1970s Overman sofa upholstered in white leather (sold!), 1930s American Art Deco Style Ornamental Cast Iron Elevator Grilles from Urban Remains, Vintage Moroccan rug from Nazmiyal Collection, Pair of 1970s Rams head white ceramic table lamps from Needful Things, Vintage Italian Robert di Camerino Style clutch purseCh'Ing earthenware Fu Bowl from Circa Trade, Vintage mosaic fire surround from R.T. Facts and Russell Woodard Sculptra patio armchair.


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