Saturday, June 26, 2010


Details, details. Why, when the nickel and brass light switches of a hundred years ago were so stylish, do we still find plastic, screw-on plates used in the finest of homes?

There are alternatives. Forbes & Lomax is our favorite of these, having pioneered the screwless, flush to the wall plate. Formerly available in Europe—in finishes from mellow antique bronze to sleek stainless steel— they're lighting up our shores with a sleek new design.

Called the Invisible Lightswitch, its flush acrylic plate allows the wall finish (or covering) to show through. I like its Deco-era silver toggles at center. Carrie Bradshaw found it perfect for her new home with "Big" in the Sex and the City sequel. Mouse, however, likes a little more edge. She also prefers dimmers, for around-the-clock ambience. And you know how she gets what she wants, shown here in luminous nickel silver.