Saturday, March 20, 2010


It's Lyle & Umbach whose Goat Leg Table in high-polish nickel conjures visions of oh-so perfect European interiors where contemporary furniture blends perfectly into traditionally paneled rooms decked in Old Master paintings. A Rubens with frolicking satyrs and nymphs particularly comes to mind. And for good reason. This table is a fresh, modern take on ideas tracing back to the days of Queen Anne. Its new hoof caps what's essentially a cabriole leg, whose outcurved knee and incurved ankle stylize the rear leg of a leaping goat (cabriole is Italian for "goat's leap"). Google "satyr table" and you'll see the style evolution from above to this beauty in carved wood by Niermann Weeks (available through Decorati, of course), and back to their 18th Century precedents.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Our sincere thanks to AreaRugs.com for listing us among their Top Interior Design blogs. What can we say? Mouse loves a pat on the head every now and then. Just as much as she adores discovering a beautiful new find. With much gratitude, here's some of our favorites from their site. All affordable, and all up to our standards of worry-free luxury.