Saturday, August 29, 2009


Another momentous occasion to catch up on: Friend and fashionista, the beautiful Maggie MacK, has blessed us with a new follower below who brings a host of design issues to bear on this blog. What color should his sheets be and how cuddly? What style of crib? His first chair? And as he's resting those beautiful cheeks against any of these, will toxins to permeate his perfectly soft skin or damage his small yet mighty lungs?True, it's difficult to think about this little fellow leaving a zero carbon footprint while measuring his daily number of disposable diapers. (Judging from his photo, even he's worried). But we've all got to start somewhere. Protecting his health today is protecting our future. But the best hemp hammock is just not a precious enough gift to send Baby. So we went hunting. And here are the contenders.

Since he lives in L.A., we began with AFK who recently opened their first flagship boutique on Wilshire Boulevard (see twin cribs above). Their classically styled, bench-made furniture features solid wood construction and artfully applied handwork, from intricately carved appliqués to exquisite, multilayered water-based non-toxic paints and finishes. Dreamy, but Baby's parents lean much more modern. And our budget leans more, well, lean.

Q Collection is a favorite of ours, their Abigail bench on our home's wish list for several years running. We checked their Junior Collection and found some super cute stools in our price range as well as a beautiful winged-back glider. And we learned even more about baby-safe construction. There's no formaldehyde in the glue that holds their wooden furniture together, no polyurethane in their foam bedding and plush toys as well as their wood stains and paints. This company goes so far as to consider whether pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers were used in growing the cotton of their generous-thread-count sheets. (Note: In California it is illegal to feed the leaves, stems, and short fibers of cotton to livestock because of the concentrated levels of pesticide residues. Meanwhile, this same residue is commonly used to make furniture, mattresses, cotton swabs and cotton balls).

Mouse, however, took one look at Mom and Dad and came to another conclusion. "This boy will be a chick magnet. He needs a chick chair from the ever eco-conscious Roebuck Studio. Maybe a few in different colors to share with his many future fans and friends." Look out, Hollywood. She could be right, but I'm still searching. (Forgive me Maggie). We'll let you know the fabulous result soon.


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