Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Mirrors, Mirrors on the wall..Whose designs outshine them all?  RRRrrrrreynaldo! 

We first learned of Reynaldo Gonzalez via his shapely, handmade mirrors cut to put a modern edge on tradition. (from left to right, above: Esplanade, Prentiss and Antonine). Soon after, we learned of the trick with mirrors played by his clever table designs. 

His Julia coffee table, above top, appears to float on chunky, transparent Lucite legs while his Maraise Beveled Cubes, above bottom, all but disappear with beveling on a five sides and a low profile mirrored base.

"Mirrors make the best lovers" says Mouse quoting Margaret Atwood's poem, Tricks with Mirrors:

are the perfect lovers,

that's it, carry me up the stairs
by the edges, don't drop me,

that would be back luck,
throw me on the bed

reflecting side up,
fall into me,

it will be your own
mouth you hit, firm and glassy,

your own eyes you find you
are up against closed closed


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  1. Karin - What a great post! I love adding unusual mirrors to rooms because they add interest without taking away.