Tuesday, July 14, 2009

24 Karat Art

A great art find. I love how these tiny, meticulously crafted paintings by Stephen Hay revive the techniques of Medieval era illuminated manuscripts for a modern graphic punch. 

Only 3 x 3 inches, these are painted in gouache with 23.75 karat gold leaf and take approximately one month each to execute. And that includes 
a shortcut. Stephen tries to use a synthetic size (the substance that adheres the gold to the paper), but sometimes cannot stop himself from working with gum amoniac, an ancient gilding size that proves even more time consuming. Fortunately the paper he's using is 100% archival, so if properly cared for, these works could very well last as long as their 14th Century inspiration.  Priced very reasonably! I'm buying one to frame and display on a tabletop, where guests can examine its luminous surface and finely rendered detail up close. Write stephenhayart@gmail.com for inquiries. 

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