Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Mouse and her main man, Lefty G. H. Edwards (below), are great diggers. But I'm no gardener. I can grow nothing, plant nothing, prune nothing. So when the season changes, it's time for a fresh coat of glossy green paint on our deck's shrubbery. Yes, these perfectly coifed boxwoods used to live. Purchased in their abundant glory at Jayson Home & Garden in Chicago, we loaded their heft into the back of the LandRover and drove the five hours home, their weight leaving only four inches of our back tires visible. The square steel planters ? A custom job, fabricated beautifully by Jim Russell Designs. Their oxidized patina? A carefully calculated finish whose rich depths have taken two years to develop. Each shrub's size? Perfectly scaled to their planters. So why, just because of one especially blistering winter, would we ever consider replanting? Initially repainted last Spring, their greenery has fooled all our neighbors since. Even visitors haven't noticed. And no birds have tried to purloin their dried branches to nest. Okay, a few brown patches are now showing through... Nothing a quick spray job can't cure. 

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